AIRTOUCH 3D is trademark to represent 3D touch screen which can report 3D coordinate with multi-layered PulseIR touch screen.

Multilayered 3D PulseIR TouchScreen.


New generation Realistic 3D touch screen panel, which can be integrated with 2D/3D display 3/5 Multilayered PulseIR Touch Screen supporting 3D touch coordinates.


Touch Characteristic 3D Touch Technology Pulsed Intrared Rays & Deep algorithm
3D Touch Size 42˚ / 55˚
3D Touch Point 2 ~ 10 Point
3D Touch Technology Contracting & non-contacting
- Figer
- Gloved hand or Any other pointer
- Stylus Minimum 8mm
3D Position Accuracy Typical centroid accuracy ± 5mm
3D Report Resolution (W) 16.383mm x (D) 16.383 mm
3D Response Time 16ms to 22ms depending on configuration
3D Scan Structure Parallel Structure
3D Deep Resolution 3D Resolution
Electrical Characteristic Operating Voltage DC 4.75 ~ 5.25V (USB)
Power USB from powerd hub / DC 5V
Interface USB2.0(Hight speed) / USB1.1 (Full speed), Plug & Play Compatible / HD compatible
Electrical Characteristic Support OS Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
* No device driver required
HD Interface Interface 0 : 3D Protocol Interface
Interface 1 : PulseR mode for control
3D Interface SDK (Windows 7) XYZ Interface (3D coordinates) / Touch Area / Noise Filter / Absolute Coordinate support / Relative Coordinate support / Low Memory Consumption

Design style

Business Applications

· 3D Game
- Immersive AIRTOUCH 3D technology-based CASINO roulette table.
- Allows a user to pick up the ball on the screen and throw it onto the roullette wheel.
- 3D immersive feeling which can’t be experience in the conventional 2D screen.
- To be installed and operated in casinos and arcades.
- Unmanned operation enabled just like card/coin insertion in slot machine.
- Expandable to similar games such as dice games, card games and slot machine.
· 3D Architecture
- Immersive AIRTOUCH 3D technology-based architectural isometric view table.
- If a user picks up a building or a room out of the 2D construction drawing, it is displayed in a 3D view. In addition, diverse 3D information such as a size is provided.
- Provided in a table or KIOSK form in viewing houses, Cadastral Division (government bureau) and real estate.
- Allows users to have immersive experience through diverse 3D displays without going to a construction site in person.
- Gives users a change to experience 3D simulation such as layout modification.
· 3D Realistic Education
- Immersive AIRTOUCH 3D technology-based virtual aquarium KIOSK.
- If you catch fish, diverse information on the fish is displayed.
- To be installed and operated in a table/KIOSK form in over 30,000 museums and schools around the country.
- Diverse animal & plant and cultural contents can be applied; able to improve the quality of education through participatory learning.
· 3D Realistic Digital Signage Advertising
- Immersive AIRTOUCH 3D technology-based virtual advertising.
- Able to induce user participation and maximize advertising effects through immersive 3D advertisement, not through conventional passive ads.
- To be installed and operated in diverse forms such as DID, KIOSK and table.
- To be used in advertising corporate image, attracting people to various events and performing questionnaire surveys; able to predict advertising effects through two-way communication between the advertiser and user.