• Service Terms and Conditions
  • Article 1. Purpose
  • The purpose of this terms and conditions is to regulate the company, the rights of the members, obligations and responsibility items by becoming a member of PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY)’s service (hereinafter referred to as, “Service”) provided by RNDPLUS (hereinafter referred to as, “Company”) and using this.

  • Article 2. Definitions
    1. "PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY)" refers to the service provided by the company.
    2. “User” refers to the members and non-members that are using the service.
    3. “member” refers to the person who have done member registration and that is continuously using the service.
    4. “Non-member” refers to the person who is using the service without becoming a member.
  • Article 3. Written consent to terms and conditions with explanation and amendment
    1. For the member to know the contents of this terms and conditions easily, the company shall post it on the member joining screen.
    2. The company may revise this terms and conditions within the scope that does not violate relevant Acts such as, Online Digital Contents Industry Development Act, Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, Law on Regulation of Terms, Consumer Basic Act.
    3. When the company is revising the terms and conditions, shall stipulate the application date and amendment reason of existing clause, amendment clause, and together with existing clause, for considerable time from 15days before of that effective period to post effective date, and when the amendment contents are disadvantageous to the member, before 30 days of effective date to considerable time after effective that, this each shall be noticed on the homepage, and for the existing members, amendment clause shall be notified to the e-mail address that the company has granted.
    4. As the company notifies this to the member according to the preceding paragraph, in case there isn’t any expression of will even though it is clearly stated that it is seen to be approved when it does not express its intention of refusal until 7 days since it’s announcement and notification after the execution of the amendment. In case the member does not agree to the amendment clause, the member may cancel the usage agreement according to the regulation Article 17 of paragraph 1.
  • Article 4. Member joining procedure
    1. When the service user will continuously proceed the user registration after reading this terms and condition, it is considered that the user have agreed to this terms and conditions.
    2. The member joining service user, for the service use of the company, does it in the way of agreeing as the paragraph 1, inputting requisite including member ID to the online member joining application form that the company have determined, and by pressing “register” or “confirm” button.
  • Article 5. Member registration establishment, reserve and refusal
    1. Member registration is established upon the service user’s member joining application and company’s member registration consent according to the procedure set by Article 4. The company, when the applicant have entered the requisite items and others sincerely and have completed the joining application, this shall be approved after checking the required items without any delay. However, if any separate data submission is required other than the member joining application submission, this shall be an exemption.
    2. Company may reserve the member joining approval when this is applicable to each subparagraph.
      1. When there isn’t any practical composure in provision service installed capacity
      2. When it is judged that there is technical problem to provide the service
      3. Other, when the company acknowledges that it is required financially and technically
    3. The company may refuse the member registration when it is applicable to each subparagraphs of below.
      1. When the contents of member joining form has been falsely written, or doing joining application by attaching false documents
      2. Other, when the company acknowledges that there is a clear possibility of violating social order and morals on the basis of relevant laws and regulations
  • Article 6. Member ID and others management responsibilities
    1. Member shall be responsible for all disadvantages caused by member's intention and negligence including member's ID, responsibility for managing passwords, fraudulent use by third parties of member's ID. However, if this is caused due to the intention or negligence of the company, the company shall bear the responsibilities.
    2. If the member recognizes that the member ID, password and additional information are stolen or used by a third party, the member should immediately take measures such as correcting he/her password and promptly notify the company and follow the company's instructions.
  • Article 7. Collecting personal information and others
    1. Company, to provide the service, shall collect the required personal information from the member according to the regulations of related Act.
    2. For more detail, refer to the personal information handling process.
  • Article 8. Service usage
    1. The use of the service is immediately possible from the approval of service use by the company.
    2. Service hours are 24hours a day, 7 days a week, except as otherwise provided by the Company's business or technology. However, due to periodic inspection of service facilities, the company can divide the service into specific ranges and set the date and time separately
  • Article 9. service contents change notice and others
    1. In the event that the contents of the company's service are changed or the service is terminated, the company may notify the members of the change or termination of the contents of the service by e-mail to the member's registered e-mail
    2. In case of the foregoing paragraph, when notifying the unspecified number of persons, it is possible to notify the members through the website or other notice page of the company. However, the matters that gives significant effect related to the member it self’s transaction, this notice will be posted on the bulletin board for a considerable period of time and will be notified individually at the email address given by the company.
  • Article 10. The relegation of a right and the use of work
    1. The copyright of the posted contents that the member have posted within service period and others (hereinafter referred to as, “Contents and others”), is attributed to the author of the post.
    2. The posts and others may be exposed through the internet site and mobile application that the company operates, and may also be exposed to search results or related promotions and others. In this case, the company complies the Copyright Act, and the members can take action at any time through the customer center or the in-service management functions to remove such posts, exclude search results, or make them private.
    3. In case the company tries to use the member’s posts and others, in the way other than paragraph 2, shall obtain the member’s prior consent through telephone, fax, electronic e-mail and others.
  • Article 11. The restrictions and stop of service use
    1. Company may restrict or stop the member’s service use when the cause that belongs to 1 of each below subparagraph is met.
      1. When the member intentionally interfere with the operation of the company’s service
      2. When the member violates the obligations of Article 13
      3. When there is a disruption in the use of the service due to national emergency, disruption of service facilities, or excessive use of services
      4. If the company considers that it is inappropriate for the company to continue providing services due to other serious reasons
    2. When the company restricts or cancels the use of the service pursuant to the provision of the preceding paragraph, the company shall notify the member of the reason and limit period
    3. If the company terminates the contract with the member and decides to withdraw from the company, the company shall notify the member before the withdrawal of the membership, and the member shall have a chance of protest within 30 days from the date of receiving the notice of the company.
  • Article 12. The obligations of the company
    1. Company shall sincerely perform measures such as maintenance, inspection, or recovery for company’s service provision and security related facilities to be adequate for constant and stable service provision.
    2. The company shall not send commercial e-mails, SMS text messages, or others for commercial purposes for which the member has not consented to acceptance.
    3. The Company shall endeavor to protect the personal information of the member that is known about the provision of the service without disclosing it to the third party without their consent. Other matters relating to the protection of members' personal information shall be governed by the Information and Communications Network Act and the "Personal When the Company concludes a service provision contract with a third party and provides services to the member, the company shall specify the specific member information of the member provided to the third party for the provision of the service in each individual service, and shall comply related laws and regulations, including sharing the personal information of the member with third parties only during the period of providing the service, within the scope of the member’s agreement, after the member have received individual and explicit consent
  • Article 13. Member’s obligation
    1. The members shall not do below activities
      1. False content registration when applying or changing
      2. Stealing other person’s information
      3. Changing the information posted on the company’s service
      4. Using the information obtained using the service of the company for a non-profit purpose without the prior consent of the company
      5. A behavior posting youth harmful media that is regulated by the Juvenile Protection Act
  • Article 14. The obligations for the member’s ID and password management
    1. The management responsibilities for member’s ID and password belong to the member, and shall not make the third party to use this.
    2. The use of the ID may be restricted if the ID of the member has a risk of leakage of personal information, or is in conflict with the anti-social or anti-social nature.
    3. The member should notify the company if the ID and password are stolen or a third party is using it, and follow the company's instructions.
  • Article 15. Cancellation of use contract
    1. When the member intends to cancel the service, it could be cancelled according to the procedure determined by the company.
  • Article 16. Juvenile protection
    1. The company shall protect the youth from the harmful information as the space that all aged group could use for freely, and to help the safe use of the internet by the youth, the Youth Protection Policy set by the Information and Communication Network Act is enforced separately.
  • Article 17. Immunity
    1. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the member if the Service cannot be provided in the following cases:
      1. Natural disaster or condition of force of majeure that complies this
      2. If there is a disorder in the use of service due to the member’s cause of penalty
      3. If it is due to the reason that is without intention and negligence to the company except for above contents
    2. The company does not guarantee the truth of reliability, accuracy and others for the information that the member have written, and is shall not be responsible for the member’s damage caused by this.
  • Article 18. Resolution of disputes
    1. The company shall solve the complaints and opinions submitted from the member preferentially. However, if it is to take time, the reason and process schedule shall be notified to the member
    2. Any dispute arising between members may be subject to arbitration by the dispute arbitration body commissioned by the city governor.
  • Article 19. Application of regulation
    1. The matters not specified in this agreement are subject to the relevant laws and regulations.

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