TouchALL WALL is digital+interior based type product, which is a brand that refers to a product that PulsIR Touchscreen and PlatKOM(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) is combined, that is the product in various types.

  • · Dimensions : 2545 X 300 X 2600 mm
  • · Weight : ±100kg
  • · Display : 95” White Board Screen with Projector
  • · Touch Technology : Infrared type 1~10 points touchscreen
  • · Computing Device : Windows 7 / 8 / 10 OS computing system
  • · Platform Software : PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY)
The first time presenting art wall type touchscreen system that uses the surface of the wall space

TouchAll-Wall product applied with art wall type with interior elements, is not only selling the simple product to the user, but by using the surface of wall space, it is a product that gives beauty which comforts with surrounding environment while applying the large touchscreen system. Depending on the user's preference, the user can choose classical wood type art wall, digital modern type art wall and others, and by applying ultra-simple construction method, it is a creative product that is designed for it to be easily installed in the previous space. In addition, the user customized system can be composed by selecting various package options, and is a product that possesses diversity that enables collaboration with previous equipment.

Convenient and smart linkage / software package that uses various App

With the standard provision after developing an exclusive software package for the use of large touchscreen through its own development, the user can save the costs and time used for separate operation software production, and is the product that can give infinite scalability through App. type’s various operation software.

Cinema screen realization through large screen using the beam projector

It have implemented the scale that reminds of a movie theater by applying the most economical and reasonable beam projector to implement 95 inch class ultra-large screen, and it is a product that can parallel with various functions using analog type’s general whiteboard function and digital type’s ultra-large touch screen.