TouchALL™ EasyBoard is the combined goods that have combined 2Bar PulseIR™ multi touchscreen and PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) product, which is the digital presentation system that has mobility and easy installation

Outstanding economic feasibility

It makes the smart blackboard with the cheapest cost using the beam projector, TV, monitor, PC and notebook that the user has.

Outstanding mobility

With just preparing the notebook that is installed with 2BAR type multi touchscreen and PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) software, it is possible to prepare smart presentation using local beam projector, TV, monitor and others by simply moving when going for domestic·overseas business trip.

Easy installation

The DIY(Do It Yourself) type product composition that anyone could easily attach & detach on the surface of a wall for screen, it is possible to do easy installation without the help of a specialist using the Velcro tape, which is the package component of 2BAR type’s multi touchscreen.

Touch All EasyBoard description image
2BAREB-SPM / EB-SPR / EB-SPLDIY(Do It Yourself) Type Multi touchscreen
  • · Dimensions : 1492.4 / 1844.4 / 2548.4 X 21 X 11 mm
  • · Weight : ±500g / ±700g / ±1,300g
  • · Display : Projector / TV / LED Monitor / etc.
  • · Touch Technology : Infrared type 1~10 points touchscreen
  • · Computing Device : Windows 7 / 8 / 10 OS computing system
  • · Platform Software : PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY)
EasyBoard’s installation stage

Try to change like the photo using the TouchALL EasyBoard package product in previous meeting room/lecture hall/ classroom and others where projector is installed. The multi touchscreen for large screen and PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) sosftware will make latest digital conference environment with the economical price using the beam projector, TV, monitor screen that you possess. In addition, outstanding mobility and portability enables you to hand carry when going for business trip to overseas, and provides a function that makes the customer to do professional presentation by connecting to the product based on the digital projector.

  • The look that the beam projector and screen is installed on the surface of the wall

  • Take out the 2Bar multi touchscreen product from the EasyBoard package and attach according to the beam screen on the surface of the wall

  • Produce smart meeting space by installing 2Bar multiscreen product and PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) software

Touch All EasyBoard installation guide image
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