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We have developed and provided SMART Machine products and solutions.
Smart Sales Machine Unmanned sales/promotion system

Cost effectiveness through unmanned sales/promotion function, AI based voice synthesis and multi-language support

Targeted advertising system

Maximizing the advertising effect and target revenue growth by providing the product advertisement or product information as a target through touching the product that customer is interested in or recognizing the behavior.

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Smart Easy Board Excellent economic feasibility

It makes smart black board with the cheapest cost using beam projector, TV, monitor, PC, notebook that the user have

Easy installation

By using the Velcro tape, which is the package accessory of the 2BAR type multi-touch screen, it is a DIY(Do It Yourself) type product that anyone could easily detachable

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Smart Touch Platform Presentation beyond vividness

A product that gives confidence so that even a beginner user to become pro presenter by applying PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) software

Software package using various App

Made the user to be free from the burden that could occur while doing presentation, which it is a product that could give infinite scalability through touchscreens intuitive easy usage method and App. development.

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It is a software platform that is built in TouchALL product (WALL, HUB, TABLE) and SMART Showcase, which enables the products of TouchALL to be used in company, school or in public offices for various purposes, hence, it is an open type multi-purpose platform that can be used as meeting/education/briefing/digital advertisement/ company work purpose OA equipment and others.

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PulseIR True Multi-Touchscreen

Infrared Ray type Touchscreen : TSI series, TSV series, TSR series, TSU series, AIRTOUCH

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PlatKOM™(PlatformCX COMMUNITY) is a new platform software that supports application in business ecosystem which is based on SMART machine solution and relevant contents.

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